To ensure that Terugploeg is responsibly managed and administered, it falls directly under the umbrella of the Atterbury Trust, a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) that has built up more than two decades of credibility, expertise and infrastructure in the management of charitable projects.

Help that works

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has exposed numerous gaps and deficiencies in our society, one of these being the inability of government institutions to distribute food efficiently – particularly to those in need in our communities. This crisis has inspired us to address the challenge ourselves.

Consequently, we, together with our friends in the agricultural sector, started Terugploeg, an initiative driven to help deliver food to less privileged Afrikaans communities in an organised and accountable manner. Our generous farmers did not disappoint. On the contrary, we were overwhelmed with support and tons of donations – trucks loaded with fresh fruit, vegetables, and venison were delivered and distributed to approved organisations.

The immediate success of Terugploeg made us dream even bigger. This resulted in us setting up a facility from which food could be effectively distributed over the long term, while also facilitating efforts to uplift communities through job creation and training.

All donations made to Terugploeg qualify for an Section 18A tax certificate which is tax deductible.



Food collected and distributed


meals provided



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